Dispatch Central

No more whiteboards and spreadsheets - gain control of your fleet and keep your assets moving

Book loads, create trips, match available equipment with freight and track the status of shipments through final delivery.

Keystone’s Dispatch Central provides visibility into your fleet operations, allowing you to manage loads, drivers, equipment and trips in a single, unified dashboard. Loads entered in the system go directly into Dispatch Central and are ready to be matched with available equipment. 

And when loads are delivered, all the information needed to bill customers and pay drivers is already in the system for your back-office team – no reentering data.

Freight Type

Manage any combination of freight operations in a single system.

🗹 Truck Load

🗹 Less-than-Truckload (LTL)

🗹 Bulk Commodities

🗹 Tank Operations

🗹 Specialized

🗹 Freight Brokerage


Track loads through scheduling, dispatch, loading and delivery.

🗹 Load Booking

Enter customers orders or automatically receive loads from EDI.

🗹 Load Status

Color coding flags the current status of a load and communicates impending deadlines.

🗹 Flexible Management

View and sort your loads by any combination of customer, driver, lane, truck, route, geography and more.

Load Match

Easily match new loads to available equipment in a geographic area.

🗹 Flexible Sorting

View your loads by customer, purchase order, driver, trip or truck.

🗹 Equipment Status

Gain visibility into asset and driver availability to quickly schedule loads to available assets.

🗹 Track Progress

All open and in-progress orders are listed and sorted based on your parameters for easy management.

Load Finder

Search previous loads by pick up area to improve profitability.

🗹 Eliminate Deadhead Miles

Find backhaul loads to decrease empty miles and increase profitability.

🗹 Customer History

Connect with previous customers and locate shipments to improve loaded miles.

Driver Communication

Stay connected with your drivers to dispatch loads and track status.

🗹 Driver Call-In

Connect with your drivers and track call-ins for driver location and load status.

🗹 Text & Email

Quickly send load information directly to your driver’s cell phone.

🗹 Integrations

Leverage your mobile communications investments with seamless integration into Dispatch Central.