Finance and Accounting

Purpose-built for the trucking industry

Complete accounting system designed for the unique needs of the trucking industry – no QuickBooks needed!

Gaining control and understanding the financial health of your operations is critical to your operations. The General Ledger is designed specifically for trucking, allowing you to measure your business performance down to the individual truck.

Keystone’s accounting system is integrated with Dispatch Central, automating workflows from initial order through billing and payment. Our system simply outperforms QuickBooks and other generic accounting packages in the trucking industry.

Payroll & Driver Settlements

Reduce your payroll burden with fast, accurate driver settlements. No matter the combination of owner operators, employee drivers, and payment methods, Keystone provides the tools and flexibility to efficiently manage your payroll process. Good drivers are hard to find – establish good relationships with your drivers with accurate, on-time pay.

🗹 Trucking Specific Items

Advances, reserves, per diems and driver reimbursements are unique to trucking. Keystone provides the functionality to manage these industry specific issues.

🗹 Non-Driver Payroll

Trucking companies need more than just drivers. Keystone the provides the flexibility to manage both driver and non-driver pay in one system.

🗹 Single Data Entry

Regardless of how you manage your operations, every workflow builds on the initial load entry into Keystone. Entering data into multiple systems takes time and increases the likelihood of errors.

Fuel, Mileage & IFTA

Accurate mileage records are critical in the trucking industry. Keystone’s Fuel Tax & Mileage accounting saves time by automating data entry, reducing duplicate effort and improving accuracy. Reduce time to complete IFTA returns and shorten the length of visits from IFTA and insurance auditors with accurate mileage and duel records.

🗹 Fuel Service Interface

Import fuel purchase and driver advances directly from industry leading fuel card providers.

🗹 Mileage Interface

Pull miles directly from industry leading mileage databases and automatically include deadhead miles from end of last trip.

🗹 Flexible Reporting

Generate a complete IFTA-style report to make returns fast and easy or create your own reports for analyzing mileage.

Accounts Receivable

Streamline the collection process, accelerate cash flow and get paid on time. Designed to be an integral part of Keystone’s trucking software, billing information flows smoothly from invoices to accounts receivable.

🗹 Streamline your collections process and get paid faster

🗹 Edit loads directly from billing for post-delivery adjustments

🗹 Allocate deposits for multiple invoices in one step

🗹 Maintain control with strict adherence to accounting audit trails

Accounts Payable

Automate the AP process and avoid late payments. A single point of entry to record purchases saves you time, eliminates data entry and improves accuracy. Keystone’s AP system allows settlements for owner-operators and contractors to flow directly into your Accounts Payable process.

🗹 Facilitate payments by ACH, computer-generated or handwritten checks

🗹 Pay contractors and print year-end 1099s on government approved forms


Uniquely designed specifically for managing trucking operations. Keystone’s General Ledger can provide income statements and reporting to a level of granularity required for your business. Provide access to your outside accounts to make entries directly into your accounting system.

🗹 See income and profitability at every level – all the way down to an individual truck

🗹 Measure profitability for each truck or driver inclusive of non-trip-specific costs including maintenance, repairs and overhead

🗹 Determine your profitable and unprofitable routes to optimize your business

What our customers say

“I really like being able to setup a report in report writer that uses the information I have already entered, instead of having to enter the same information 2 or 3 times to get the output in the format I need!”

“I just love the deposit allocation screen.
All my invoices just popped up and I clicked one button to apply the check!”