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Keystone Truck Accounting
  Core Features
    Fuel Taxes
    Driver Qualification
    Profit Reports
    Company Databank
    Report Writer
    On-Screen Help
    Integrated Accounting
  Training & Support
  Extensive Options
    Dispatch Central
    Maintenance & Inventory
    Driver Logs
    Advanced Rating
    Fuel Services
    Direct Deposit
    Tire Tracking
    Mileage Options
    Mobile Communications
    Document Scanning
    Web-based Load Status
    Bulk Commodity
    Interline LTL
  Asset-based &  Brokerage
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Keystone Systems
Keystone Systems Transportation Software works with industry leaders to bring the best transportation technology tools to your business.
While some software vendors to want to provide adequate software services for all your business (dispatch & accounting software, mileage software, communication services), Keystone has elected to concentrate on providing the most powerful integrated dispatch, accounting and management tools. We can offer the tools needed by every transportation or brokerage company, while taking advantage of the industry' best specialty services for those clients who require them.
ProMiles Software Development Corporation         
Fuel Service Interface
Mobile Communications
Need quick accurate access to point-to-point mileages so you can quote or rate loads and pay your drivers?  Keystone offers solutions ranging from commercial package interfaces such as ALK's PC*Miler or ProMiles, to a simple but powerful databank you build yourself over time.
Are you using a Fuel Service such as ComData, Flying J (TCH), T-Chek, EFS, or TransPlatinum? Why not take that one step farther and automatically pull that into your Keystone Trucking Accounting for Windows? One click does it all! All fuel purchases and driver advances made through your vendor flow automatically to fuel taxes (purchases by state), driver settlements (fuel purchases & cash advances), Accounts Payable (consolidated invoice for the vendor broken out by truck), and General Ledger (for full truck-based accounting). A detailed audit report is printed for your records.
Communicate load information to your driver at the click of a button! No more waiting for the driver to call in, or manually entering new load information. Provide contact information, picks & drops, driving instructions, load temperature and more. Increase fleet productivity by using these state-of-the art systems. We currently support Omnitracs (formerly a division of Qualcomm) and PeopleNet.
Omnitracs LLC     Peoplenet    
Trucking companies across the country use Keystone's software today. It is an easy-to-use, integrated system, eliminating duplication of effort to save you time and money. It is the only package on the market that recognizes the importance of balancing a strong logistics side with a powerful accounting/back office side to create a full solution for the success of your business.

Keystone Systems software lets you automate to a level that fits your needs and style of operation. Like all our options, you can add these features at any time, so your software grows with you and does not hold you back.

We offer the ease-of-use to efficiently complete your everyday work, while providing the flexibility and tools to handle those unusual situations that arise in any business from time to time. With a 30+ year track record in serving the transportation industry, Keystone is the partner that will be there when you need us!
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